In one of the scenes of the Polish film “ Never Tell Never” (dir. W. Pacyna, 2009), an entrepreneur comes to the main character, Amy Bilska, played by Anna Dereszowska. He is looking for the right person for a managerial position. Ama asks about the company’s financial standing, and to the man’s surprise, she replies that, depending on the situation, she needs the right person.

The entrepreneur reacts simply: — The idea is to be someone who will take it all by the throat. And shake it.

Fascinating how often in the process of change, radical revolutionists in management sought…

[KP] Krzysztof Pawiński, a graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. Co-founder of the Maspex group, a leading Polish and Central and Eastern European producer of juices, nectars and beverages, as well as instant products and pasta.

[JK] Jacek Kotarbinski, founder & CEO w Experienced economist, expert, marketer since 1990, author, MBA lecturer, engineer, marketologist. A recognized authority in marketing, brand management, innovation and sales management.

[JK] — It is no secret that Maspex is said to be the Polish Nestlé. I would like to ask about your ambitions. Do you think about the company in the context of the fighting for market share in Central and Eastern Europe, or beyond? I must tell you that I once found Kubuś in Egypt. I even asked the seller by which channels it got there. How do you imagine Maspex in the context of expansion?

[KP] — This graphic and these companies really stimulate the imagination. However, if we look at the companies behind these brands, most of…

Imagine. A young boy, teenager Lars Motza once broke the Guinness World Record. The right foot is almost 35 cm long, and the left foot is similar. This is equivalent to a shoe size of 57.

Lars will not buy shoes in a normal store, he has to make them to order. One pair costs from almost EUR 1.200–2.000.

Trifle! Imagine if you could have such shoes for ten times less. Unless you are Lars Motza, of course. Once upon a time, an unusual meeting took place in Paris. There was a photo session on the occasion of breaking the Guinness Record.

Brahim Takioullach is Moroccan and lives in France. He is 246 cm tall and has a left foot 38.1 cm long and a right foot 37.5 cm. The size of the shoe is one…

Marcus Sheridan is an unquestionable, global personality in the area of content marketing. He is one of those unique people with charisma and an ability to attract and engage audiences. Both as a speaker and as an author. Forbes named him one of 20 “speakers you don’t want to miss” in 2017.

Marcus Sheridan is an unquestionable, global personality in the area of content marketing. He is one of those unique people with charisma and an ability to attract and engage audiences. Both as a speaker and as an author. Forbes named him one of 20 “speakers you don’t want to miss” in 2017.

The author starts his book with a story of his own failure. For the Polish reader it is always rather new and surprising. The Polish entrepreneur has been conditioned to worship the god of success. What’s more, the god is still present in business books transplanted from the…

Marketing doesn’t deceive people. It’s people who deceive using marketing tools. Be proud of your marketing. This thought seems to define the latest book by Seth Godin.

Develop your company by respecting your clients, providing them with value, and inspiring them. Sign your style and the way of playing the market game with your name. In the Second Polish Republic it was referred to as “market nobility”; today this idea is worth coming back to. In the 21 stcentury, in the world of IT and marketing revolution, we desperately need ethic, efficient, and effective marketing. Responsible and reliable actions become the key to gaining and maintaining the customer’s trust. In the world of transparency, social media, and the possibility to immediately publicize the client’s opinion, being unreliable…

Poles are probably among the most faithful fans of this story.

Except for the Americans, of course. But that’s not what I want to write about, but the phenomenon of this story. A story about human dreams, which has become a universal and understandable metaphor in every latitude, regardless of language, race or religion. The driving force behind Hollywood’s global influence, basically since the 1950s, has been conquering the world with communicative messages for everyone and making money on it. Which, in turn, is crucial for investors in this industry.

What are the most important values that this unique super-production gives us?

One of the keys is the “student-master” relationship, so often present in our lives. Our master can be someone from the…

The Capitol was on fire.

The global temple of democracy has been desecrated.

The maddened crowd burst inside, destroying whatever they could. The cold eyes of the cameras recorded every second. A shot was fired. The young woman falls to the ground.

A man sat in Mike Pence’s chair. Right in front of his eyes, on a marble plaque, there was an inscription in Latin: “E Pluribus Unum”, “From Multitude Unity.” A quote that defines America. We create one nation out of many languages, religions and customs. …


Morsując 18 listopada na stulecie Niepodległej, życzyłem wszystkim SZACUNKU. Do siebie nawzajem, do innych ludzi, nacji, ras czy religii. Nie wszyscy muszą się kochać, lubić czy rozumieć, ale SZACUNEK jest wartością ponadczasową i ponadnormatywną. Nawet zawzięci wrogowie potrafią okazać sobie szacunek na polu walki czy w obliczu śmierci. W tradycji samurajów oszczędzenie cierpień poprzez ścięcie głowy, było wyrazem szacunku. Nie musimy tego rozumieć, ale wystarczy akceptować taki fakt.

Jednak żeby ten SZACUNEK był rozumiany, u jego podstaw leży znaczenie zasadniczych pojęć. Na przykład wielu nie odróżnia faszyzmu od nazizmu. Traktuje te pojęcia równorzędnie. Tymczasem u…

Growth Hacker… The first problem is translating the title. “Haker wzrostu”? I can already imagine a number of experts on growth hackers (hakerów wzrostu), conferences about growth hackers (hakerach wzrostu) or growth hacking (hakerowzrostowe) websites and the faces of corporate marketers. Please excuse my sarcasm but for many years I have been witnessing this peculiar tendency to polonize English words related to the marketing revolution. Anyhow, let the translation of the phrase growth hacker into “haker wzrostu” stay, unless professor Bralczyk finds a better-sounding equivalent.

What is this book about? On the basis of his own experience and the analysis…

We live in the world of visualization. Textual content stops drawing our attention. We look for images, schemas, and user-friendly presentation of data, which allows us to understand it better. From the perspective of communication, marketing has always been a visual domain. The first advertisements were simply a picture. Where the recipients did not know any letters, alphabet or language, universal images always proved to be helpful. Today, when everything becomes “simple and smart”, visualization, i.e. infographic or clear-cut brand identification within a project, key visuals, standards or colour scheme, is omnipresent. The world of marketing is the world of…

Jack Kotarbinski

Economist, Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Marketing & Innovation Strategist, digital influencer, blogger, entrepreneur, top columnist Forbes Polska

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